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product suite was developed to meet the increasing technological demands facing pensions professionals in the 21st century. The internet and sophisticated business-wide data management processes are driving immense changes in the industry and placing new demands upon the pension administration process. Southern X has the system that ensures you’re equipped to meet these challenges.

The Southern X Member Centric Administration System is a pensions administration system with a difference. Providing every facility required by the modern pensions office, it also delivers extended capabilities that enable you to take full advantage of the business and communication opportunities offered by the internet. The Southern X solution is a multilingual, multi-currency administration system that can operate through a browser interface. This makes it the perfect platform for web-based enterprise, providing up-to-the-minute information, speeding up application and update procedures, and offering enormous potential to reduce administrative overheads. For Life Offices, it provides a robust replacement to over-burdened legacy systems and offers transactional functionality to Brokers and field sales forces over the web, giving them the means to read product details and submit application forms on-line. The Southern X solution also gives scheme members or policyholders the facility to remotely log in to the system, check fund values, carry out ‘what if?’ calculations, and send change of address notifications or switching instructions to administrators, as well as providing access to scheme rules and other relevant information.

Fulfilling every function required by the modern pension office, the Southern X solution offers complete support for multiple schemes and locations, including full multi-currency processing facilities for multinational schemes. To meet your operational needs it provides you with unprecedented levels of control over the way your administration is performed, allowing processes to be automated into procedures which lead the user through administrative tasks step by step, together with the option of integrated document image processing. And making modifications to meet scheme rule changes or new legislation has never been easier.

The Southern X solution interface has a familiar look and feel, consistent with Windows design standards. Intuitive ease of use ensures that administrative only staff require minimal training and familiarisation, and begin to realise rapid productivity gains. Because the Southern X solution uses the business-standard relational databases, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, data can be accessed and manipulated easily, using standard reporting tools such as Crystal Reports. Moreover, this all ensures that the system fits within existing corporate IT strategies, so there are no headaches for the IT manager. The Southern X solution really performs when it comes to reporting and generating management information. As well as standard reports you can create any data extract that you require. And the Southern X solution provides you with a total history of every action and transaction that’s ever taken place on the system, meaning any auditing demands can easily be tackled.

ever taken place on the system, meaning any auditing demands can easily be tackled. There’s complete security and peace of mind too, because SQL enables you to roll back the database to any previous condition, so should a mistake occur any prior state of your data records can be recovered and restored. The system’s architecture is built upon Microsoft’s Component Object Model (COM); in essence, this means you can expect seamless integration with other software packages and achieve a genuine free flow of information and even functionality between them. Scalability and extension issues are eliminated.

The Southern X solution gives you future-proofing.

The Southern X solution is a new software solution for administrators of all employee benefits or where the accumulation of individual accounts needs to be attended to. It brings new ideologies and technologies to the field, allowing users to mimic actual benefit designs and administration processes. An easy to use, intuitive interface means new users become familiar with the software quickly, while software wizards guide them through the more complex tasks step by step.

Advanced features enable the software to monitor and report on occurrences or data that you deem important while automation of regular tasks frees users’ time for more pressing matters. Custom integrated reporting, document tracking and interaction with your office messaging system all add up to less time spent on administrative tasks with greater confidence of accuracy and timeliness.

Business processes will be defined, modeled and run within the system to emulate the processes already documented and defined within the day to day operation of the enterprise, rather than requiring changes to existing procedures to fit into software restrictions. The system is designed to offer a complete end-to-end administration solution and include all aspects of the business process if required.

The distributed nature of today’s enterprises means that the Southern X solution is accessible from many locations using different access portals and by different stake holders within the process. The system provides for a tight control and monitoring of all facets of the processes it embodies as well as easy management information retrieval. Every business process does include integrated workflow monitoring and performance analysis information as well as control points, validation and verification as defined and created by the business owners.

True integration to existing systems is always the key, as well as automation of processes wherever possible with exception reporting and user interaction where the business process requires.

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