Internet-based services are already central to the operation of the leading pension product providers. And even for in-house schemes the internet presents invaluable opportunities for delivering on-line information and services.

The Southern X solution does operate through a browser interface – meaning it’s ready to function on the internet. For an in-house scheme this opens up a new channel of communication to your members; with secure password access they can log into the system, check their fund values, make amendments to personal details and even calculate their benefits on early retirement, all within a safe environment controlled by you. New employees can get all the information they need when choosing to join a scheme – checking fund performance, even running projections in order to make informed AVC or contribution-level decisions.

With more and more members now having internet access it’s the best way of keeping your members informed of the latest changes and building their awareness of pension planning and provision. For third-party administrators and pension product providers, the Southern X solution becomes the perfect platform for web-based enterprise, offering constant, on-line access to your agents and brokers, giving them accurate, up-to-the-minute information, speeding up application and update procedures, and greatly reducing administrative overheads. It’s a self-service approach with unlimited potential that enables you to deliver the highest possible standards of service, whatever that type of service may be.

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