The pensions industry has witnessed an extraordinary acceleration in the pace of technological change over the last two decades – and that pace shows no signs of slowing. We now take for granted sophisticated software and hardware systems that were barely dreamt of even ten years ago; and these evolving technologies will, in turn, create new opportunities to realise ideas that are only now being formed.

As a pension professional you’re well aware of the need to stay in touch with these developments, judge the benefits that you want new technology to deliver, and make the right choices in good time to ensure that you’re ready to meet shifting circumstances. Nothing demonstrates this more clearly than the unprecedented growth of the internet, as the computer rapidly becomes as commonplace a means of communication as the telephone or the postal system – opening up new business and organisational opportunities, and setting new standards and expectations of service delivery.

Positioning clients now to seize these new opportunities will be essential to gaining a competitive edge in the changing pensions market; with new government initiatives raising public awareness of pensions, and legislation diversifying the market. Within the pensions industry one company has always been at the forefront of these developments: Southern X.

As developers, Southern X have always seen ourselves in partnership with the new generation of technologically literate pensions professionals, drawing on their immense experience and insight into the industry and its trends, and specifying our systems to ensure they deliver the facilities you need. We’ve consistently turned your ‘if onlys’ into the everyday tools of your business.

In the space of just a few years we’ve moved beyond monolithic, closed, and proprietary business software systems. The emergence of true common standards, and the increasing specialisation of software application developers, have changed the landscape in which we find ourselves. We’re now operating in a world where successful information management on shared platforms gives real competitive advantage.

A world where business IT strategies demand integration and extensibility from all their software. A world where people increasingly expect companies to have a presence on the web, and indeed may judge them on the quality of it. And it almost goes without saying that simplicity, intuitive operation, and adaptability have become the core design values of any successful software product, giving the user complete freedom and control over the way they work. The Southern X solution, with its unparalleled flexibility, has been designed with these values in mind, and equips you to meet the demands of this new environment.

At Southern X our business is the delivery of a comprehensive suite of pension administration solutions for Occupational and Insured, Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution, Preservation, Retirement Annuities, risk only, and hybrid schemes. These solutions are based upon the Southern X solution, our highly flexible, fully web-enabled administration platform that caters for every pensions business need, including full pension payroll, workflow and business process management capabilities.

This core system is enhanced with a range of integrated workflow, electronic document management, pension accounting, and data conversion tools, all designed to get you working smarter, faster, and with clarity. We design our software with you in mind. We never forget that whilst technology can drive your business success, it shouldn’t dictate the way you work. We also understand that with a business-critical investment like this you want your money to be buying more than just software.

That’s why we deliver a total service, ensuring you get exactly the system solution that you need, backed up by a wealth of pensions knowledge and experience, development resources, consultancy services, training and support. The Southern X staff understands your business and your concerns, so they speak your language. It means there’s always an expert available to work on your behalf.

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